Social Media Marketing

There are a Plethora of social media platforms. Youtube, Facebook, linkedIn, Twitter, and insta are the most used among the Gen Z. Facebook alone has over 1.4 billion users followed closely by Twitter and LinkedIn. Social handles are not just good to have networks but are the new communication channels for marketing and advertising products and services.

Social Media can get you customers from across the globe. But do you know what are the relevant platforms for advertising your product or service? Social Media marketing is all about knowing where your target audience is. For successful social media marketing, your target customer and the social media channel should match your marketing goals.


What are the benefits of social media marketing services?

The Power of social media lies not just in targeting the right customer but targeting a network. Social Media Platforms can connect us with our target customers, their friends, families, and a whole community. Understanding the potential of social media marketing is only a piece of the cake. Understanding the right social media to market your product or service is what differentiates us from other SMM agencies.

How does our social media marketing services work?

Our social media marketing approach is founded on understanding and mastering each of the different social media platforms. We have over the past years tested, learnt by implementation, and captured the data to analyze and find the best marketing strategy that works for each of the social platforms. We strive hard to connect your brand with the right audiences using a combination of hyper-local, demographic, interest, and in-market shopper targeting filters.

It is all about choosing who and where to deliver your message to. We are an SMM services company that puts a lot of effort into understanding the social landscape for each product/service that needs marketing and are continuously improving and adapting to the new requirements of social platforms.

Make social media marketing an integral part of your marketing mix with the smo digital marketing expertise that DigitAI can provide.

Professional Tools for Your Business

Take your social media presence to the next level with DigitAI.

Brand Monitoring

Know what people are talking about your brand with our brand monitoring service. Be it at any social media channel on the internet, if anyone is talking about your brand with a public account, we will track it. Know what and how people are discussing about your brand.


Social Media Contests

We will help in building a community, talk to people, engage and get them talking about your brand with our social media contests strategy.


Social Media Management

Social media is a powerful tool to reach out to your target audience. Let us manage your social media profile and make some noise over there with your brand.


Setup & Custom Profile Design

Let us setup and design your profile on social media. It would be something that people love to talk about.

Social Media Promotion

We create and market content that aligns with your brand's purpose.
Sharpen your social media presence and get ranked on the top with DigitAI.


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